Pro Sound Education, Training & Workshop Malaysia


We have a DREAM !


A dream to upgrade and level up our pro audio industry in Malaysia. We believe that education is the key to accomplish the goal. This is a non-profit program whereby we try our very best as Malaysian, treat this as a token of contribution for our beloved country - MALAYSIA !


The workshops and training that we have hosted/conducted include the following as well:

1. Seminar: Products Introduction & Applications.

2. Class: Basic Pro Audio System Design

3. Workshop: House of Worship Products User Guide

4. Knowledge Sharing Programs: Sharing with Pro Audio Students from various colleges, institution & universities.

5. Internship: Always welcome apprentices to help them to achieve their Pro Audio know-how.

6. On-site Training


We welcome all innovative ideas & constructive discussions.

Share with us how we can make good our education programs by writing in your proposals & requests to