Professional Consultation


Our Value to Customers


AV United approaches each & every clients or projects with a sense of economy by providing industry-standard, high quality & serviceable products.


To further enhance & ensure a personalized solution, each & every of our clients are treated as a business associates rather than mere source of revenue.


Whether a small private function or supplementing school productions & churches, AV United will design a solution to almost any requirement for business, commercial & government clients.


This in return strengthen our credibility as an organization that provides a continuous total solution, all the while maintaining contact with the client to ensure that the company achieving its market leadership.


Business Goals

  • Integrity in business practice
  • Lateral thinking in all stages of projects
  • On time and in budget
  • Satisfied clients



AV United's experience over the years has ensured that we can provide optimal services and products for a variety of venues and application:

  • Touring sound & lighting
  • Hotels, convention and conference venues
  • Theatres and auditoriums
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Houses of worship
  • Studios: TV, Radio & Recording
  • PA and Voice evacuation systems
  • Home entertainment