Steinberg UR12B Podcast Starter Pack
Price RM1,390.00
Brand Steinberg
Size (L x W x H) 16 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm
Availability Pre-Order


- Ultra-rugged build

- High speed USB 2.0

- 24-bit/192 kHz audio resolution

- Latency-free hardware monitoring with switch

- Class-A D-PRE mic preamps

- Compatible with all major audio software

- iOS ready via CC Mode

- Loopback function for streaming

The easy-to-use production toolkit to get you creating podcasts quickly and in great quality on your computer or iOS device. The UR12 Podcast Starter Pack combines a dual-channel USB 2.0 audio interface, quality condenser microphone and all mic accessories with a full software suite. It’s a complete, studio-grade social media production package.


Advantages Of Using The UR12 Podcast Starter Pack

Become a podcast pro with the complete package

Share your thoughts, inspiration, ideas and news with the world by recording podcasts for broadcast on any online medium, or write them to audio files for distribution or download. With this versatile and highly portable production package, you can produce your podcast anywhere — at home, at work, on vacation, even in the middle of nowhere! With seamless PC/Mac computer and iOS compatibility, it has everything you need to become a true podcast pro.


Attract and entertain followers by live streaming

Streaming and vlogging are great ways to reach new audiences, as well as entertaining your existing followers. The UR12 Podcast Starter Pack provides the ideal platform for you to go live online. The Loopback function lets you easily stream any audio content to live online platforms, with the included condenser microphone, high-quality inputs and included software meaning your audience will hear everything in superb quality.


Work from home in the best audio quality

Nowadays working from home has become commonplace; connecting with colleagues and business partners via video chats is an essential part of the working day for many people. The UR12 Podcast Starter Pack includes everything you need to help improve the quality of your spoken contributions to online meetings. With the high-quality UR12 audio interface, microphone and accessories, you can help your colleagues and business partners to clearly understand your message.

Go live online

The UR12 Podcast Starter Pack includes everything you need for performing online. Whether it’s karaoke with social singing apps like Smule, live music, spoken recitals, sports commentaries or just having fun with friends, the iOS connectivity and included high-quality condenser microphone, cable and pop shield make it the ideal online performance package, wherever you are.



What's in the box

- The ST-M01 studio condenser microphone

- Cubasis LE, Cubase AI, WaveLab Cast included

- Accessories: enhanced by the included pop screen to reduce noise, a low noise microphone cable to connect the ST-M01 to the UR12 and a tabletop mic stand to help you place the microphone in the best position.